"I just wanted you to be among the first to hear that Heirborn's Searching for Juan Diamond in the Ruff aka Coal (aka Rick to Sarah) is Oregon's most recently certified Human Remains Detection K9!!!  A couple of days ago we took our Oregon State Sheriff's Association certification test. At 14 months everyone was amazed at the pup!The test consists of a 300x300' forested area with 6 'hot' containers and three 'blanks' hidden from view. The team has 60 minutes to find and properly alert at 4 hot sources with NO incorrect alerts. The test is administered by an OSSA Master K9 Handler. We took 25 minutes to take the test. Whew! That boy runs like the wind!! So proud of him!We are now considered mission ready and can deploy when called upon. We will recertify every two years and also work toward certifications for buried and elevated sources. Thank you for paring me up with Coal! He's a wonderful companion and an excellent SAR partner! I will send you a photo of him when we get our certificate next month!My brother is also quite happy with his girl Ryelee (aka Asia) and they hunt whenever the season allows! She is a fabulous family member and his best friend! Coal and Rye will be catching up this weekend at the Easter festivities!"


We celebrated Levon's first birthday a few days ago! We can't begin to describe how much he has enriched our lives. He's been such an easy puppy, the hard work Paul and Shelley put into raising these pups is evident. His temperament is wonderful, calm in home and energetic when we go play in ours home state of Montana. He's a sweet, gentle dog that's happy to meet all creatures (except maybe birds). Lastly, he has far exceeded my expectations in his first season bird hunting. Thank you Heirborn for this wonderful addition to our family

Tylor R.

Great hunting dog. I received Gunner in March April and by August he was locating downed birds and partially retrieving doves. Very nosey He is a natural. He now sniffs out grouse and retrieves to hand most of the time has no fear of water retrievals. Still a puppy and learning but have had no issues with the basics and the drive to retrieve game. He is the first dog I've trained myself and it has been a great time.  

Aric K. 

I was blessed to have Jet brought into my life 4 years ago from Paul. He brings pure joy to my life. He is the epitome of everything a flat coat should be. I can thank Paul enough.

Joann G. 

My FCR Loves Me! And I love Him. 
My wife and I received "Bono" our FCR, into our lives in 2010 and it has been a ball ever since then.

Allen J. 

I am blessed to have Heirborn Creme De La Creme, born January 16th, 2017. He is our 5th flat coat, but EVERYTHING I could ask for! He is yellow but has ALL the classic features that make him a PURE BRED flat coat! Paul and Shelley are phenomenal breeders and have so much experience in this breed that anyone that gets a puppy from Heirborn knows that they are with them from the time you pick up your puppy for their entire life. Highly recommend anyone that if they're wanting an Heirborn baby get on their waiting list! You won't regret it!

Bonnie B.L.

2 years ago, I got my 3rd FCR from Heirborn ... he is the BEST. He is my best friend ... beautiful, loving, easy going and way too smart! He is an easy traveling companion and great hiking buddy. If I ever get another FCR it will only be from Heirborn! Thank you for my Jet!

Kirsten V.H.