By Heirborn Kennel

Our puppies are born and raised in our home and become a joy to our family for the few months they are here. We are dedicated to breeding healthy, social and structurally sound flat coats. Our puppies are bred with the goal of providing companions that are competent in the field, show ring, family home and Search and Rescue.

As breeders of merit, we take great pride in our job to improve the breed and preserve the greatness of dogs that have come before us. We have been showing, hunting and breeding Flat-Coated Retrievers for over 18 years. Our breedings are done with careful consideration of proper breed type, structure, health, biddability and exceptional correct retriever temperaments to be the multipurpose hunting companions their heritage requires.

Prior to any breeding, all health clearances are obtained including hips, eyes (with gonioscopy), elbows and patellas. We are very selective in our breeding program and strive to produce happy, healthy, athletic, beautiful, intelligent, and well socialized puppies. We occasionally have older puppies seeking good loving homes. 

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